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Data set: ADFORS Novelio® / EKOTEX® glass fibre wallcoverings (04.01.000)

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ADFORS Novelio® / EKOTEX® glass fibre wallcoverings
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EKOTEX® is a glassfibre wallcovering of 0,16 kg/m² with surface finishing, preglued or with final coloured finishing. Products are glued on the wall and painted afterwards. Scope and type: The type of this EPD is "cradle-to-gate" EPD with options. This EPD declares the life cycle analysis LCA for a specific product.The software GaBi ts is used to perform the LCA. The background database used is Ecoinvent v3.4. The following life cycle stages are considered: - Production A1- A3 Œ Raw material supply, transport and manufacturing; - Installation A4 Œ Transport to building site, A5 Œ Initial installation into building including packaging waste processing and additional material for installation; - End-of-life C2 Œ Transport to waste processing, C4 Œ Disposal landfilling; - Benefits and loads beyond the product system boundary. Representativeness: This EPD is representative for products produced and sold in the EU. This EPD declares as specific product the EKOTEX® fiberglass wallcovering produced by SAINT-GOBAIN ADFORS CZ s.r.o in two manufacturer™s plants Hodonice, Czech Republic 62% and Hornstein, Austria 38%. The EPD covers the following products in the EKOTEX® portfolio: - EKOTEX® EXCELLENT 91XX; - EKOTEX® SPRINT 92XX; - EKOTEX® HYGIENE 93XX; - EKOTEX® SCHONE LUCHT 94XX; - EKOTEX® ECOLOGISCH 95XX. Starting point for this EPD is EKOTEX® 9130. The other products differ less than 1%. Calculation rules: CUT OFF RULES The cut-off criteria applied in this study are in line with EN 15804. Packaging waste like foil, paper arising during production A1-A3 is not considered in this study due to negligible amounts < 0.1%. Besides the packaging waste within A1-A3 all available data from production process are considered. Thus, material except packaging waste within A1-A3 and energy flows contributing less than 1% of mass or energy are considered. All reported data were incorporated and modelled using best available LCI data. Transport processes for the packaging materials are neglected due to its insignificance. Production of capital equipment, facilities and infrastructure required for manufacture are outside the scope of this assessment. The sum of the excluded material flows does not exceed 5% of mass, energy or environmental relevance. DATA QUALITY and DATA COLLECTION PERIOD Overall the data quality can be described as good. Specific data was collected from SAINT-GOBAIN ADFORS CZ s.r.o though a questionnaire, including inquiries about product characteristics and packaging, logistics data e.g. transport, production and installation information and end-of-life. The data collection period for specific data was the year 2017. Generic data i.e. upstream acquisition and production of raw materials, energy generation, transport, waste treatment processes were selected from Ecoinvent. In the case of missing data, a relevant proxy was searched and adjusted to the corresponding unit process. ALLOCATIONS The production process does not deliver any co-products. The applied software model does not contain any allocation. The overall production comprises further products beside the product considered in this study. Data for thermal and electrical energy as well as auxiliary material refer to the declared product. During data collection the allocation is done via total produced area. Scenarios and additional technical information: A1. Raw materials supply This module considers the extraction and processing of all raw materials and energy which occur upstream to the Novelio® manufacturing process, as well as waste processing up to the end-of waste state. A2. Transport of raw materials to manufacturer This includes the transport distance of the raw materials to the manufacturing facility Hodonice, Czech Republic and Hornstein, Austria via road weighted truck transport: 0,18 kg input material, average distance of 203 km. A3. Manufacturing This module covers the manufacturing of EKOTEX® and includes all processes linked to production including packaging and internal transportation. Use of electricity, fuels and auxiliary materials is taken into account as well. A4. Transport to the construction site The average transport distance to the construction site for EKOTEX® is 900 km truck transport: product incl. packaging 0,19 kg, 900 km. A5. Application and use This module includes the environmental aspects and impacts associated with the application of the wallpaper. EKOTEX® is a paintable fibreglass wall covering applicated with vinyl glue on walls inside buildings. For the installation the vinyl glue 0,2 kg/m² is declared in this study. As paint the standard is 2 layers of acrylic paint. Paint and cutting losses are not declared. C2. Transport to End of life This module includes transportation distance to landfill truck transport: 0,16 kg, 50 km. C4. Disposal As only one end-of-life scenario landfilling is considered for EKOTEX® of SAINT-GOBAIN ADFORS CZ s.r.o. Declaration of SVHC: None of the substances contained in the product are listed in the fiCandidate List of Substances of Very High Concern for authorisationfl, or they do not exceed the threshold with the European Chemicals Agency. More information:
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